V Conferencia Anual del Banco Central de Chile

The Challenges of Economic Growth

Santiago, Chile, November 29 and 30, 2001

Keynote Speech

15 Years of New Growth Economics: What Have We Learnt?

Xavier Sala-i-MartinColumbia University

Session 1 Challenging Conventional Wisdom

It's Not Factor Accumulation: Stylized Facts and Growth Models

William EasterlyWorld Bank

Ross LevineUniversity of Minnesota

Absolute Convergence, Period

Rómulo Chumacero

Central Bank of Chile and University of Chile

Session 2 Quantifying and Promoting Growth

Quantity and Quality of Economic Growth

Robert BarroHarvard University

Industrial Policies and Growth

Marcus NolandInstitute for International Economics

Howard PackUniversity of Pennsylvania

Session 3 Growth in Chile

The Golden Period for Growth in Chile: Explanations and Forecasts

Francisco GallegoCentral Bank of Chile

Norman LoayzaWorld Bank

Growth and Adjustmente in Chile: a look at the 90's

Vittorio CorboCatholic University of Chile

José A. TessadaCatholic University of Chile

Productivity and Economic Growth: The Case of Chile

Harald BeyerCentro de Estudios Públicos

Rodrigo VergaraCentro de Estudios Públicos

Session 4 Growth in Chile

Data-based vs. Model-consistent Estimates of Gaps and Trends in the Chilean Economy

Gabriela ContrerasCentral Bank of Chile

Pablo GarcíaCentral Bank of Chile

Chile's Growth: Resources, Reforms, Results

Klaus Schmidt-HebbelCentral Bank of Chile

Session 5 Cycles and Growth

The effects of business cycles on growth

Antonio FatásINSEAD

Trends, cycles and convergence

Andrew HarveyCambridge University

Session 6 Finance, Vulnerability, and Growth

Coping with Chile's external vulnerability: A financial problem

Ricardo CaballeroMIT

Finance and Growth : New Evidence and Policy Analyses for Chile

María CarkovicUniversity of Minnesota

Ross LevineUniversity of Minnesota