VI Conferencia Anual del Banco Central de Chile

Banking Industry and Monetary Policy Transmission

 Santiago, Chile, December 12 and 13,  2002

Session 1: Credit Channel Transmission

From Monetary Policy Rate to Banking Interest Rates

Solange BersteinCentral Bank of Chile

Rodrigo FuentesCentral Bank of Chile

Retail Bank Interest Rate Pass-Through: Is Chile Atypical?

Marco EspinosaIMF

Alessandro RebucciIMF

Session 2: Monetary Policy and Banking Interest Rates

The Output Composition Puzzle:A difference in the monetary transmission mechanism in the Euro Area and U.S

Anil KashyapUniversity of Chicago

The Bank Lending Channel and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism: The Case of Chile

Helmut FrankenCentral Bank of Chile

Alejandro JaraIMF

Session 3: Banking Regulation

Alternative Approaches to Taxing the Finance Sector: Which is Best and Where Does Chile Stand?

Patrick HonohanWorld Bank

Denying Foreign Bank Entry: Implications for Bank Interest Margins

Ross LevineUniversity of Minnesota

Session 1: Banking Market Structure and Lender-Borrower Relationship

Foreign Bank Entry and Business Volatility: Theory and Evidence from U.S.States and Other Countries

Philip StrahanBoston College

Bank Lending and Relationship Banking: Evidence From Chilean Firms

Andrea RepettoUniversity of Chile

Sergio RodriguezSuperintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions

Rodrigo ValdésCentral Bank of Chile

The Rigidity of Prices in the Chilean Banking Industry

Luis Antonio AhumadaCentral Bank of Chile

Nicola CetorelliFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Session 2: Deposit Insurance

Deposit Insurance, Safety Net Design, and Banking Concentration

Rodrigo CifuentesCentral Bank of Chile

Deposit Insurance: Handle with Care

Asli Demirgüç-KuntWorld Bank

Edward KaneWorld Bank