XIV Conferencia Anual del Banco Central de Chile

Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Performance

Grand Hyatt - Santiago, Chile
Thursday October 21 , 2010

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

José De Gregorio, GovernorCentral Bank of Chile

Keynote Address

Keynote Address

Olivier BlanchardEconomic Counsellor and Director, Research Department – International Monetary Fund

Session I: Assessing the Effects of Fiscal Policy

Taxes and the Labor Market

Tommaso MonacelliUniversità Bocconi

Roberto PerottiUniversità Bocconi

Antonella TrigariUniversità Bocconi

Social Unrest and Fiscal Adjustments

Joachim VothUniversitat Pompeu Fabra

Real Exchange Rate Dynamics and Fiscal Policy from a Cross-Country Perspective

Rodrigo CaputoCentral Bank of Chile

Miguel FuentesCentral Bank of Chile

Riding the Roller Coaster: Fiscal Policies of Nonrenewable Resource Exporters in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mauricio VillafuerteInternational Monetary Fund

Pablo López-MurphyInternational Monetary Fund

Rolando OssowskiFormer Staff Member of the International Monetary Fund

Session II: Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions

Fiscal Multipliers and Policy Coordination

Gauti EggertssonFederal Reserve Bank of New York

International Dimensions of Fiscal Policy

Giancarlo CorsettiUniversity of Cambridge

Non-Ricardian Aspects of Fiscal Policy in Chile

Luis Felipe CéspedesCentral Bank of Chile

Jorge ForneroCentral Bank of Chile

Jordi GalíCREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and Barcelona GSE

Session III: Fiscal Policy in Emerging Market Economies

Solution to Fiscal Overspending in Commodity Booms: The Structural Budget Institutions Pioneered by Chile

Jeffrey FrankelHarvard University

Fiscal Rules and Welfare: An Application to the Case of Chile

Eduardo EngelYale University

Christopher NeilsonYale University

Rodrigo ValdésInternational Monetary Fund

Procyclicality of Fiscal Policy in Emerging Countries: The Cycle is the Trend

Michel StrawczynskiBank of Israel

Joseph ZeiraHebrew University of Jerusalem