XXIII Annual Conference of the Central Bank of Chile

Independence, Credibility, and Communication of Central Banking

July 22nd  and 23rd, 2019

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Santiago, Chile

Program arranged by: Ernesto Pastén, Ricardo Reis and Diego Saravia

Language: All sessions will be conducted in English. Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish will be provided.

For further information, please contact the organizing committee at: conferencia2019@bcentral.cl

Felipe Leal
Central Bank of Chile
Tel: +(56 2) 2670 2916
Paloma Navarro
Central Bank of Chile
Tel: +(56 2) 2670 2244
María José Reyes
Central Bank of Chile
Tel: +(56 2) 2670 2413


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Monday 22nd

Opening Remarks

Mario Marcel, Governor, Central Bank of Chile.

Comfort in Floating: the Chilean Case

Elias Albagli, Central Bank of Chile

Mauricio Calani, Central Bank of Chile

Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov, IMF

Mario Marcel, Central Bank of Chile

Luca Ricci, IMF

Fiscal Inflation and Cosmetic Defaults in a Small Open Economy

Francesco Bianchi, Duke University

Improving U.S. Monetary Policy Communications

Stephen Cecchetti Brandeis, International Business School

Kermit Schoenholtz, NYU Stern School of Business

The Three E´s of Central Bank Communication with the Public

Michael McMahon, Oxford University

The Transformation and Performance of Emerging Market Economies Across the Great Divide of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008

Michael Bordo, Rutgers University

Pierre Siklos, Wilfrid Laurier University

Policy Panel

Karnit Flug, Former Governor, Bank of Israel: this presentation is not available because of a technical support fault.

Tuesday 23rd

Central Banking with Many Voices: The Communications Arms Race

Annette Vising-Jorgensen, UC Berkeley

Keynote Speech: "Restoring the Full Effectiveness of Countercyclical Monetary Policy in a Low Interest Rate World”

Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University

Macroprudential Policy and the Fiscal Footprint of the Central Bank

Ricardo ReisLSE

Inflation Targeting under Political Pressure

Pierre Yared, Columbia University

Marina Halac, Yale University